Interview to Matthew Tree. ‘Most Catalans just want to get out of Spain’

Matthew Tree, a prizewinning author of books in both Catalan and English who has lived in Catalonia since the 1970s, speaks to The Local about why the region is unique, what’s driving the independence debate there and how he sees the future for its relationship with the rest of Spain.

Read the answers of the following questions here.

How would you describe Catalonia to foreigners?

What sets Catalonia apart from the other autonomous regions of Spain?

Do you believe that the attitude of Spain towards Catalonia is inclusive or colonialist?

Why are so many people in Spain opposed to a Catalan referendum on independence?

What about the argument that the rest of Spain should have a say in what happens to a part of “their” country?

How has the economic crisis affected the independence movement?

Will decreased enthusiasm for the European project affect Catalan independence aspirations?

Is federalism still a viable third option?

What, if anything, could the Spanish government do to curb Catalan desire for self-rule?

Despite their differences, Spain and Catalonia share many historical, cultural and economic interests. How do you imagine their post-independence relationship would be?

Matthew has written a collection of essays titled Barcelona, Catalonia: A View from the Inside. His latest English-language novel, SNUG, has just been released. These are both available on Amazon.

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