“Desmond Tutu openly supports Catalonia’s right to self-determination and asks Spanish Government to talk”

Article published at: Catalan News Agency


“The parties should discuss how independence can be best achieved,” if the majority of Catalans choose this option in a self-determination referendum, stated the South African Archbishop and anti-Apartheid activist, Desmond Tutu. When he was receiving the 2014 Premi Internacional Catalunya – Catalonia’s most prestigious award given to people who has significantly contributed to Humankind throughout the world, Tutu directly appealed to the Spanish authorities “to listen” to the majority of Catalans, since “it’s common sense.” The Nobel Peace Laureate urged Spain to allow Catalans to freely and democratically hold a self-determination referendum. He also pointed out that consensus is better than unilateral decision, which are “the second best.” The Archbishop dedicated the award to all the people fighting against a series of causes, such as AIDS in South Africa, war in Syria, torture in Guantanamo, homophobia in Uganda, pollution in Northern Canada or not being allowed the right to self-determination in Catalonia. “They do the work and I get the credit,” he said ironically. The President of the Catalan Government, Artur Mas, praised Tutu’s support for human and civil rights throughout the world. In addition, the Catalan President draw four main lessons from the South African leader: noble causes have to be “defended in a peaceful way;” reaching agreement is “preferable to unilateral decisions;” talks have to be carried out with “an open spirit” and “working for everybody’s benefit;” and, finally, “when a great majority of people have a shared objective and act for a fair goal, their movement becomes an irresistible force.” Mas added that the Premi Internacional Catalunya thanks people who have contributed to the entire humankind, but at the same time laureates give lessons to Catalans, which help them to become better people.  The US-born and Swedish national Soprano Barbara Hendricks, who is a member of the jury deciding the Prize’s awardee, sung in the ceremony, since she has been involved in manifold human rights campaigns. The Archbishop of Barcelona, Lluís Martínez-Sistach, praised Tutu’s “ecumenical” will and defined him as “a tireless Apostol of reconciliation and forgiveness” to overcome the traumas of the past. According to Martíne-Sistach, Tutu is “the true South African Martin Luther King,” as he has devoted his life to guarantee that “all men and women of the world can live freely and as equals.”


The rest of the article here: http://www.catalannewsagency.com/politics/item/desmond-tutu-openly-supports-catalonia-s-right-to-self-determination-and-asks-spanish-government-to-talk

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