“Hunger strike for Catalan language education goes into fourth week”

Article published at Vilaweb English – May 29th

The high school teacher feels weak but is determined to continue the protest.

Determined to continue and putting his life in the hands of President José Ramón Bauzá, Catalan high school teacher Jaume Sastre has completed the third week of his hunger strike. It is a powerful protest against the education policies of the Balearic Islands government, which has refused to consider any of the demands of teachers and parents during the school year about the controversial decree that discriminates against the Catalan language in the classroom. Sastre has begun to feel weak, but his mind is as strong as the first day. “Maybe he’s the one’s who has the strongest morale of all of us,” says musician, and former teacher Biel Majoral, que is serving as Sastre’s spokesperson now that Sastre’s health doesn’t permit him to attend to the media.

Full article here: http://www.vilaweb.cat/noticia/4194505/20140529/hunger-strike-for-catalan-language-education-goes-into-fourth-week.html

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