US Ambassador says he was misinterpreted; CiU suspects action of Spanish diplomatic corps

James Costos said business leaders must “look at things that are coming down the pike and make decisions based upon that” and that “if things change, companies will make adjustments accordingly”

The Ambassador of the United States in Madrid, James Costos, said his government was “watching this and of course are interested” in what is going on in Catalonia and at the independence process, and said that if Catalonia ends up becoming independent, US companies will “make adjustments accordingly”. “Things change, economic environments change, and when that happens, any business leader has to think about the future. If things change, companies will make adjustments accordingly,” he said in a business lunch in Madrid in response to questions posed about the United States Government point of view and of US companies with respect to Catalonia.

Read the rest of the article here.

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