Junts pel Sí and the CUP agree to start the independence process

Article written by Vilaweb

Find the text in catalan, the official document, here.

Here is the whole text of the proposed resolution:

“Jordi Turull i Negre and Marta Rovira i Vergés, as president and spokesperson for JUNTS PEL SÍ Parliamentary Group, and Antonio Baños Boncompain and Anna Gabriel i Sabaté, as president and spokesperson for the CANDIDATURA D’UNITAT POPULAR Parliamentary Group, as established in articles 164 and 165 of the Parliament Regulation, present the following proposed resolution to be substantiated before the Parliamentary Plenary by the process of urgency.  To these effects, at the same time we ask for the Meeting of Spokespersons to be held urgently.

According to the democratic mandate obtained on 27 September, the parliamentary groups here signing present this proposed resolution.

Proposed resolution

The Parliament of Catalonia:

ONE. Hereby notes that the democratic mandate obtained in the past elections on 27 September 2015 is based on a majority of seats of the parliamentary forces so that Catalonia might become an independent state and with a large sovereigntist majority in votes and seats, which leans towards the start of an unsubordinated constituting process.

TWO. Solemnly declares the beginning of the process to create an independent Catalan state in the form of a republic.

THREE. Proclaims the start of the citizens’, participative, open, integrating and active constituting process in order to lay the bases for the future Catalan constitution.

FOUR. Calls upon the future government to take all necessary measures to make these declarations effective.

FIVE. Considers it pertinent within a maximum time of thirty days to start to process the laws of the constituting process, of social security and the public tax office.

SIX. As the depository of the sovereignty and expression of the constituting power, it reiterates that this Parliament and the process of democratic separation will not be subject to the decisions of the institutions of the Spanish state, and particularly of the Constitutional Court, which it considers to be delegitimised and without competence following the sentence of June 2010 regarding the Statute of Autonomy of Catalonia previously voted by the people in a referendum, amongst others.

SEVEN. Will take all necessary measures to start this process of democratic, massive, sustained and peaceful separation from the Spanish state in such a way as to allow the empowerment of the citizens on all levels and based on open, active and integrating participation.

EIGHT. Calls on the future government to fulfil only those rules or mandates arising from this legitimate and democratic chamber, in order to strengthen the fundamental rights which might be affected by the decisions of the institutions of the Spanish state.

NINE. Declares the will to start negotiations in order to make effective the democratic mandate of creation of an independent Catalan state in the form of a republic, and hereby to inform the Spanish state, the European Union and the whole of the international community thereof.”

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