Football: Homage to Josep Sunyol – the Catalan who made Barca more than a club

Published by The National Scot on February 17th, 2016.


IN the last six months alone, Uefa have fined Barcelona 70,000 euros for the display of Catalan independence flags during their games, so it would be tempting to predict that the Blaugrana will start to toe the line when it comes to their connection with the region’s separatist movement.

On the contrary, the Champions League holders have just completed a project that only further emphasises their historic links to the Catalan cause, a reminder that their més que un club moto is still relevant. Last month marked the premier of Barça backed documentary “Josep Sunyol: A Brave Cry”, the global distribution rights for which are currently being negotiated. The release marks the end of 12 months dedicated to the former Barça president, who died 80 years ago this August.

A brief glimpse at the film’s trailer is enough to understand that it deals with more than just sport. Actor Pere Arquillue, portraying the eponymous character, stares down the camera lens and states: “My name is Josep Sunyol. Businessman, politician, president of FC Barcelona, and Catalan. Above all, Catalan.”

The message is already fairly clear, but the last line of the 46 second clip is particularly important in understanding Barcelona’s angle. “I did and was many things…”, Sunyol mouths. “Until the day they killed me”.

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