CUP urge Puigdemont “to make a clear step towards the rupture” before January

Article published by the Catalan News Agency (CNA) on April 6th 2016.

Photo: CUP local councilors showing banners with the slogan “No Fear” (by ACN)

Barcelona (CNA).- If the Catalan government doesn’t make a clear step “on the way towards the rupture”with Spain before the 10thof January, pro-independence radical left CUP will consider this term of office’s first 12 months “a fraud”and will therefore promote “a change of paradigm”. This is the ultimatum which CUP establish in its document regarding the recent political strategy and the steps to be taken in the near future in relation to the agreed roadmap towards independence. The document also nuances that this step has to “turn”the “contention”expressed so far in the government’s political and public discourse. Otherwise, “if the situation has progressed enough”and the 9-N agreement to start the pro-independence process is still alive by the time Catalan President Carles Puigdemont’s government reaches its first year of existence CUP will consider it “necessary to do a precise follow-up”of the process towards independence as “the 18-month period is coming to the end”.

The document doesn’t specify what will be the new scenario if ‘Junts Pel Sí’fail to comply with CUP’s demands before the deadline but makes clear that the 10th of January could be a turning point in the agreement between both pro-independence parties. In this vein, CUP warn that “any setback in the process of building the Catalan Republic would mean the end of the agreement signed in January”especially if such a setback would happen “after the first six months of adaptation”. 

If the Government doesn’t “comply with the expectations and commitments established in the 9-N agreement”, which proposed a roadmap towards independence and an 18-month term of office before calling for constitutive elections, the radical lefties will start “a new political strategy”to be presented “by May 2017”.

CUP also refer to “possible slowness when launching the disconnection agreement set by the 9-N proposal”. In the event that this happens, they commit to “reporting it”. According to CUP, their agreement with ‘Junts Pel Sí’doesn’t only have to guarantee the political stability but “force the Government to move forward and, in case it doesn’t, illustrate its contradictions”.

Read the full article here.

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