EC invests €9 million in seven Catalan SMEs

Article published at Catalan News Agency, 12th April 2016.

Photo: SMEs’ stand at BizBarcelona Fair (by ACN)

Barcelona (CNA).- 7 Catalan SMEs have been selected by the European Commission to receive €9 million through the European ‘SME Instrument’ and three of them are based in Barcelona. The awarded projects focus on areas such as information and communication, transport, energy efficiency, and food production. This was Spain’s most successful year since the instrument was established in 2014, with the 14 projects receiving a total of €15.4 million, and half of the projects were Catalan. Overall, 50 SMEs from 14 European countries were selected in phase 2 of this year’s Horizon 2020 SME Instrument and are likely to receive €2.5 million, and perhaps up to €5 million for those projects related to health. Since its establishment in 2014, the Commission’s Horizon 2020 SME Instrument has invested in 406 SMEs, 21 of which have been Catalan. The instrument works to support SMEs, which represent 99 percent of all businesses in the EU.

The Catalan SMEs selected are Aticser Serveis Tecnologies de la Informació, Chimigraf Ibèrica de Rubí, Innovació i Recerca Industrial i Sostenible, King of App, Rovalma, Talaia Networks and Worldsensing.

Spain is the country which will receive most funding, €15.4 million, €9 million of which will go to these Catalan projects. Germany comes in second position and is due to receive €14.8 million euros from the Horizon 2020 instrument. Most of the projects selected to receive European funds are related to IT and communications (9), transport (7), energy efficiency (6) and food production (6).

Overall, the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument invested €73 million in projects with varying interests. With this funding, the companies can use the money to help launch their projects in any of these areas. The investment can be used toward innovative activities, demonstrations, or testing. Additionally, the money can go toward the pilot phase of the project or the marketing of products. Each firm will also receive 12 days of business advice and counselling on the business plan they will develop.

SME Instrument enters its third year

Read the full article here.

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