Incident. Kiko Casilla stopped from speaking Catalan by Real Madrid

Our comments: 

Roger Evans wrote, “In Real Madrid press conferences, Cristiano Ronaldo speaks Portuguese, Zidane speaks French, Bale speaks English, and Modric speaks Croatian. But yesterday Catalunya Radio asked Casilla, who’s from Alcover, Catalonia, a question in Catalan and he was ordered to answer it only in Spanish. The special hate that is reserved for all things Catalan is extraordinary.”


Article published at Diari SPORT English, May 8th, 2016

Real Madrid seem to have a great deal of respect for languages like English and Portuguese, but none for Catalan. On Sunday we saw another demonstration of it.

After Madrid’s 3-2 win over Valencia, Kiko Casilla who started, spoke in the mixed zone. Among others, Catalunya Radio asked him a question in Catalan. Casilla asked to respond in Catalan, but the press officer present stopped him and told him he had to respond in Spanish.

The posture of Real Madrid is surprising, because…

Read the full article here.

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