TC partially suspends Catalonia’s state structures

Article published at Catalan News Agency, 7th July 2016

Barcelona (CNA).- Some of Catalonia’s state structures, those mechanisms projected to ensure the transition to an independent state, have been declared unconstitutional by the Spanish Constitutional Court (TC). The magistrates have unanimously suspended some precepts of the law on fiscal measures which foresaw the plan for the creation of the Catalan Tax Agency, the catalogue of strategic infrastructures and the plans for the energy and railway sectors, amongst others. Indeed, the TC had already ruled against Catalonia’s Tax Agency in November last year, when it accepted an appeal presented by the Spanish Government and temporarily suspended the law for expanding the agency.

Other precepts which have been declared unconstitutional are the creation of Catalonia’s Meteorological Service and the law which foresaw the regulation of big department stores.

On the other hand, the laws on the creation of the Catalan Agency for Social Protection and the elaboration of an inventory of the public administration’s assets have been approved, although their interpretation will have to be aligned with the court’s rulings.

The articles had already been appealed by the Spanish Government

The articles which have been suspended this Thursday had already been appealed by the Spanish Executive in June 2015. They considered that these dispositions invaded competences of the Spanish Government and therefore asked for the TC suspensions.

The aim of the Executive, according to what Spanish Vice President Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría stated back then, was to leave without effect the articles which established that “in the event of a separation” the Catalan Government would assume “the functions of a state”, that is to say, based on the “unconstitutional assumption of a unilateral separation of Catalonia from the Spanish State”.

Suspension of the Catalan Tax Agency

Read the full article here.

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