Speaker Forcadell is served writ warning her about potential penalties

Article published at Diari Ara, 18th August 2016

The Speaker of the Catalan parliament tweets: “democratic countries settle political conflicts through political dialogue”

On Thursday Spain’s Constitutional Court served Carme Forcadell —the Speaker of the Catalan chamber— a writ formally advising her that the conclusions of the constituent process recently approved in parliament have been suspended by the Court. The writ also warns Forcadell that she may be sanctioned following her decision to allow the vote to be held.

Forcadell posted a message on Twitter which read: “Got the writ. I insist: democratic countries settle political conflicts through political dialogue and compromise, not in court”. Other members of her Bureau, such as Joan Josep Nuet and Anna Simó, have also been served a writ issued by the Constitutional Court, which has set a twenty-day period for the Catalan chamber to file any appeals.

The court order reads: “You are being warned that it is your duty to halt and impede any initiative that ignores or eludes the suspension ruled by this Court, and that failure to comply may incur a penalty, including criminal charges”.

The majority group in the Catalan parliament, pro-independence Junts pel Sí (Together for Yes), will meet on August 30 to decide whether they should appeal against the Court’s decision or not. In recent weeks both CUP and ERC leaders, such as Joan Tardà, have suggested that Catalonia ought to move towards a scenario of contempt of court and opt not to appeal the suspension. Furthermore, the Catalan government has reiterated its commitment with the current independence roadmap.

Read the full article here.

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