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Spike – 16th March 2017 – CENSORSHIP IN CATALONIA. Catalan politicians are being silenced and criminalised.

BBC – 13th March 2017 – Catalan ex-leader Artur Mas banned from office over illegal referendum

Reuters – 6th February 2017 – Thousands protest as former Catalonia head starts referendum trial

The New York Times – 16th July 2016 – Spanish Archive Raises Franco-Era Ghosts and Shadows of a New Chasm

The Globe and Mail – 7th July 2016 – Spain looks to Canada for some clarity on separatism

Reuters – 28th June 2016 – Spanish court urges trial of ex-Catalan leader over referendum

Financial Times – 22nd June 2016 – Spanish government rocked by leaked recordings

Bloomberg News – 22nd June 2016 – Spanish Minister Under Pressure as Leak Suggests Smear Campaign

Reuters – 9th June 2016 – Catalonia secession drive in doubt after budget rejection

The New York Times – 31st May 2016 – Medieval Festival in Rebellious Catalonia Takes on Modern Meaning

CNBC – 13th May 2016 – Interview (VIDEO): Catalan president: We’re watching UK referendum closely

Press TV – 8th April 2016 – Catalonia parliament reaffirms plan for independence

San Francisco Chronicle – 7th April 2016 – Catalan parliament reaffirms its plans for split from Spain

The Local – 31st March 2016 – Spanish city formerly known as Valencia given new name

Financial Times – 17th March 2016 – Catalonia can secede without Madrid’s backing, says new leader

Bloomberg – 17th March 2016 – Catalonia Said to Court Default in Spanish Game of Chicken

Bloomberg Business – 16th March 2016 – Catalan Plan to Extend Maturity of Bank Debt Delayed by Spain

The Guardian – 1st March 2016 – Spain’s leadership vacuum is damaging Catalonia and Europe – it has to end. 

Reuters – 18th February 2016 – Catalonia puzzle weighs on Spain’s political pact

The Spain Report – 16th February 2016 – Spain’s Constitutional Court Suspends Catalan Decree Creating Regional Foreign Ministry

EU Observer – 4th February 2016 – Statehood is Catalonia’s ‘only option’

Financial Times – 10th January 2016 – Catalonia elects Puigdemont as leader amid wider Madrid divisions

Wall Street Journal – 9th January 2016 – Catalan President Artur Mas to Step Aside

Wall Street Journal – 5th January 2016 – Catalan leader to call new election unless he gets support

Bloomberg Business – 4th January 2016 – Catalan Brinkmanship on Display as Clock Ticks on Mas Government

Euronews – 2nd December 2015 – Defiance in Catalonia as Madrid thwarts independence bid

Ara (English) – 20th November 2015 – Rajoy takes over Catalonia’s finances

CNA (English) – 20th November 2015 – Spain to control Catalan finances with “specific measures”

Ara (English) – 16th November 2015 – Javier Pérez Royo: “Neither the Catalan Statute nor the Spanish Constitution are applicable in Catalonia anymore”

KSL – 14th November 2015 – Catalan lawmakers approve plan for secession from Spain

The New York Times – 13th November 2015 – Artur Mas Loses Bid to Remain Leader in Catalonia

BBC – 12th November 2015 – Catalonia crisis forces Spain into unknown territory

The New York Times – 27th October 2015 – Stakes Rise in Standoff Between Catalan Separatists and Spanish Government

The Guardian – 27th October 2015 – Catalan ‘independence declaration’ to trigger showdown with Madrid

Politico.Eu – 8th October 2015 – Catalonia is an opportunity, not a problem

Politico.Eu – 5th October 2015 – A growing challenge to Spain

The Irish News – 3rd October 2015 – Emotions high in Spain over Catalan debate

Politico.Eu – 2nd October 2015 – The Flemish toast to Catalonia

Herald Scotland – 1st October 2015 – The SNP are not alone in their display of political guile

Irish Times – 30th September 2015 – Separatists unite after Catalan president accused

Centre for European Reform – 30th September 2015 – With or without you: Will Catalonia be Europe’s next crisis?

New York Times – 30th September 2015 – The Next Move for Catalans – 30th September 2015 – Catalonia president summoned to court over 2014 independence referundum

Constitution Daily – 30th September 2015 – From the Carolinas to Catalonia, the temptation of secession

Bella Caledonia – 30th September 2015 – On Spanish Democracy

Herald Scotland – 29th September 2015 – Catalan President faces court after being accused of organising illegal referendum

Washington Post – 29th September 2015 – What’s next for Catalonia, the Spanish region that wants to be Europe’s next nation

BBC World – 28th September 2015 – Liz Castro on BBC WorldService discussing #CatalanElections

The Guardian – 28th September 2015 – Catalonia election: what does victory for pro-independence parties mean?

Eu Observer – 28th September 2015 – Pro-independence parties gain majority in Catalan parliament

NY Times – 27th September 2015 – Victorious Catalan Separatists Claim Mandate to Break With Spain

NY Times – 26th September 2015 – Spain: A Look at Catalonia’s Secession Drive, Sunday’s Vote