Letters to Senators

One of the missions is to convince Americans to write to their representatives in Washington in favor of Catalonia.

This is a small thing to ask of you, compared to the huge risks and efforts being taken by Catalans in Catalonia – and the payoff could be huge.

Our moderator Ed Goodson worked on Capitol Hill in the late 90’s, where he saw how individual letters had the power to influence the U.S. government. 

If you are an American citizen, we need to ask you these questions:
1. Have you sent a letter or email to your representatives yet?
2. If not, how can we help you? If you want us to review your letter, send us a message – we’ll do it. If you need some other help, please just ask.
3. If you have sent a letter or email to your representatives, will you please tell us about it? Your experience may inspire others to write, and the more letters they receive, the more they will listen.

More information here.

We encourage you to send letters to your representative Senators. We would really appreciate if you could share with us the answer you may receive from your representative Senator. 

You can use this letter as an example to send yours to your representative.


Letter 1: Date, State, To: …

Response Letter 1. Senator Dianne Feinstein (California) – 28th June 2013

 Response Letter 2. Senator Jeffrey A. Merkley (Oregon) – October 2013

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