Generalitat de Catalunya (Government of Catalonia)

The Generalitat is the political institution through which the self-government of Catalonia is organised. It is made up of the Parliament, the President of the Generalitat, as well as its Government. Here you can find everything you might want to know about the functions, responsibilities, organisation, economic resources, and history of the institutions and offices of the Generalitat. Open in new window




Catalan Foreign Assemblies

The Foreign Assemblies of the Catalan National Assembly are grassroots and democratic associations that have been constituted by Catalans living abroad in order to foster the self-determination process of Catalonia. The Catalan National Assembly is a non-for-profit, non-partisan organization and all its members are volunteers from civil society. Open in new window



Public Diplomacy Council of Catalonia (DIPLOCAT)

DIPLOCAT is a public-private body at the service of the Government. Its mission is to promote the image, reputation, and international projection of Catalonia by means of the exportation of the best knowledge about the country and its assets and unique values, thus fomenting its internationalisation. Open in new window



Wilson Initiative

The goal of the Wilson Initiative is to contribute to the current debate on self-determination in Catalonia in order to help its citizens decide their own future, free from fear or unfounded threats. Open in new window


ElClauer (The keychain) 

A useful tool that answers all the questions raised in the debate in our country about the possibility that Catalonia should become an independent state.Open in new window




Cercle Català de Negocis (Catalan Business Circle)

Catalan businessmen are becoming fully aware that the only way to solve the current crisis is the achievement of an independent state. The Catalan Business Circle has been working for some time to elaborate sound economic and business arguments for independence. Open in new window

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