Sharif 2. Who are Catalans?

“Catalans do not have an army, but they have the power of their votes”.

A second monologue about Catalan independence. I talk about the killing of some Catalan leaders.

Sharif, the newyorker talks about the Execution of  Companys and the tortures of Jordi Pujol. This video talks about the exile of Mr. Irla and Mr. Tarradellas.

“Catalans don’t have an army, they only have the power of their votes and that’s why they want to make a referendum on regards independence. They want the opportunity to vote”. “If we all spread the word maybe catalans will have this opportunity”.

Sharif videos:

1st: A trip to Barcelona – A Newyorker talks about Catalonia

3rd. Two Americans talk about Catalonia and the language

4th. A time for more nations

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