“The Left, The Basque Country & Catalonia Demand A Referendum On Monarchy And A Third Republic”

Article published: THE SPAIN REPORT – June 4th 2014.

ERC member of parliament Alfred Bosch said: “We don’t believe in monarchies, we believe that it is an obsolete, not-very-democratic institution. What’s more, we don’t think we should remain part of the kingdom of Spain”.


NEWS: Calls increase within the Socialist Party (PSOE) to support a referendum on a Third Spanish Republic, as United Left tables a parliamentary question and protest groups prepare demonstrations.

rey-abdica 2Senior Spanish Socialist Party leaders, regional party branches in Catalonia, Valencia, Barcelona, Baleares and Galicia, Spanish Socialist Youth and Socialist Left have all called for the Spanish Socialist Party to support a referendum on the question of a monarchy or a Third Spanish Republic, saying it is an ideal moment to debate constitutional reform and that party members “have a republican soul”.

A source in the Spanish Senate yesterday told The Spain Report that senior Socialist Party figures with whom he had spoken are: “dispirited by the turn of events in the party”.

Eduardo Madina, widely expected to be a candidate for the leadership of the PSOE, said on Monday that parliament must not ignore the debate taking place on Spain’s streets: “the Socialist Party’s grassroots are republican”.

Alfonso Guerra, who has been a leading figure in the Spanish Socialist Party since the end of the seventies, said: “The moment chosen for the abdication is not good, because it could resemble the proclamation of the Second Republic in 1931″.

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