Vote on Catalan Independence to Proceed Regardless of Madrid’s Permission

Article published at Sputnik News, 25th September 2016

One more referendum regarding the independence of Spain’s Catalonia will happen regardless Madrid’s permission, International Secretary of the Catalan Solidarity for Independence Coalition J. Enric Folch Vila told Sputnik Sunday.

© SPUTNIK/ MARIA SIBIRYAKOVA Catalan Ex-Minister Faces Court Over Co-Organizing 2014 Independence Referendum MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Vila was speaking at the second international expert conference “The dialogue of nations. The right of people to self-determination and building a multipolar world” held in Moscow. “It must be like this [Catalonia must become independent in spite of any Spanish decision] because from the Catalonian Parliament we will demand again officially to make this referendum but it is expected the Spanish side to say ‘no.’ And then we will go ahead, I think that the president [of the parliament] will go ahead to make a referendum in Catalonia. It doesn’t matter if there is a permission or there is no. But it is necessary to make the question in the street and to have the right for people to vote and decide what the future is,” Vila said. He added that the President of the Parliament Carme Forcadell had just announced that next week he would submit the motion of confidence of the Catalan Parliament condition to the independence referendum’s validation. “It must be theoretically something that can be on a summertime, but there are no dates, no details,” the secretary concluded. Catalonia, a Spanish province with an autonomous status, has long sought independence from Spain, but Madrid has repeatedly declined Catalonia’s quest for independence.

Read the full article here.

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