Fascists attacks. Catalonia National Day.

A representative of United States of America, one of the attacked and hurted people at the feixist attack of some Spaniards at the celebration of the National day of Catalonia (yesterday september 11th) in Madrid. 

While Catalonia was being pacific, democratic and 1.6 milion people went out the 400-km human chain without any incident, those few spaniards did that… see it yourself in the video.

Article in Catalan: http://www.naciodigital.cat/noticia/59185/ultradreta/rebenta/acte/diada/nacional/madrid

“Drone falls into crowd at the Sagrada Familia,” reported our friend Robert Cohen during the Via Catalana yesterday, along with this photo.

“Today I learned that the drone was operated by La Vanguardia, Barcelona’s leading newspaper. Apparently, a little girl was hurt enough to be taken to the hospital for treatment. Everyone was waving to the camera and suddenly it fell like a lead balloon.

More serious than this physical injury was the right-wing extremist attack on the Catalan delegation in Madrid. Yesterday was like Halloween in Catalunya and everyone was dressed up out on the streets in a very peaceful family environment. This is no true indication of separatist strength. I think a march on Madrid will be the true test, and I doubt that this will ever happen.

Last night Catalan national television showed the wonderful documentary Fenix 11 23 about a 13 year-old boy who is harassed by the Spanish anti-terrorism authorities for sending a one-off e-mail to a supermarket chain demanding that they label their products in Catalan. If this movie were shown on the BBC or PBS, it would be a game-changer for world opinion because seeing Catalans who are proud of their heritage is only the bright side of this issue.

The dark side of repression and the government-supported vestiges of Francoism is not understood by the world media, starting with Obama inviting the corrupt and unrepentant Mariano Rajoy to the White House.”

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